​Welcome to Cassidy's Hope Foundation

Our Mission: To bring awareness to the world that childhood cancer exists. To let people know that it is different from adult cancers. It must be treated and researched that way. We aid families in Ohio during treatment. Cassidy's Hope Foundation is a volunteer only organization.

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I’d like to send out a big Thank You from Cassidy’s Hope Foundation! To ALL the riders that attended on Saturday to be at our event, to ALL of volunteers that gave up their day for us, to all our families and friends who help and put up with us - me lol during the prep. To Caddy Shak and Nick and all your bartenders and employees for your hard work, to all our stops for doing a wonderful job - Lear Road Tavern, LaPorte, Genos, Fort’s Old Time Tavern and to the Family Tavern for being so wonderful at Registration. To our Hope Child Peter and his wonderful family, for allowing us to help in this small way. To the amazing DJ, Tim Kulik. To the the Brotherhood of Old Bikers, Craig and Ang Humphreys and your neighbors, im so sorry I forgot their names. To the person who made a HUGE donation who wishes to remain anonymous,  
For your extra donations. Kim Shamrock for raising $1500 to shave your head! And last but certainly not least, our amazing team from Cassidy’s Hope Foundation and our volunteers. You all make so many children happy. No words can express my gratitude on how much each of you mean to me. You give so selfishly your time, energy and hearts to this organization and it means so much to me. Love, Pam 

💜 Note: we raised $9,000 total!


Cassidys Hope Foundation relies on donations from individuals, businesses and organizations in the community.

Our goal is to ease the burden on families who are battling cancer by providing items help aid them in their time of need.

Our Love, Cassidy program is something that comes from our hearts. It is inspired by Cassidy's giving spirit.

Volunteering is a meaningful way to make a contribution to Cassidys Hope Foundation. Find out how you can Get Involved!