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Contact Cassidy's Hope Foundation

​​Have a question or want more information about our foundation and programs? Feel free to contact us at anytime. Also, please contact us if you know of a family diagnosed with childhood cancer. We would love to help.


Cassidy's Hope Foundation
P.O. Box 434
Valley City, OH 44280
Phone: (216) 571-2119

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Stay Connected

Pam Czech (Cassidy's Mom)

Cell: (216) 571-2119

Founder, President & Treasurer 

"From the Heart" Contact

Janice Baumann

Volunteer Coordinator


Miranda Hambley
Miranda Hambley

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 9.32.11 AM.png

Board Members



Love Cassidy Program

Sandra Gorbulja


Cell:    216-396-0215

Committee Members 


Love Cassidy Program


Faye Rivera 




Cell:  216-299-0902


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